Philippe Starck and Fallingwater


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Philippe Starck is Target’s new it-boy—Michael Graves’ heir-apparent. I like Graves’ work, but it was more whimsical. Nothing all that evolutionary/revolutionary. Starck, in my humble opinion, does a much better job of creating pieces that blend form and function.

On a semi-related note, my dad returned from Alaska last week (he landed on a glacier and wandered around. too cool.). Whilst he was gone he received a package from Fallingwater. Turns out he was invited to the grand reopening but was unable to attend. Which begs the question: why in the world didn’t he give ME the ticket? I would LOVE to have gone to that. Anyway, they sent him the packet he would have received had he attended. Very nice home. FLLW may be over-exposed, but I still think he had some beautiful designs.