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I should be working (and will be in a minute) but I thought I’d recap some of the highlights of the day:

1. In the year and a half that I’ve been working at my parttime job, today marks the second time that we’ve had cops and a K-9 unit searching the building. Although it was nowhere near as interesting as the last time this happened.

Apparently a shop down the block was robbed and they brought in a dog to see if he could track the guy down (the thief had apparently dropped something of his that they could use for a scent). So there were cops and detective-looking people everywhere.

2. Driving home from work I stopped to let another car in front of me (his lane was blocked by a parked car). Almost immediately the car behind me started laying on his horn like crazy and then violently swerved into the next lane and sped off. The car? A Saab with a bunch of indie bumper stickers on it.

I rolled my eyes and thought, “Man what a dick. I hope there’s a cop nearby to bust him for speeding.” No such luck. Instead, coming up to the next light he appeared to almost hit a biker riding in his lane. And by almost hit, I would surmise that he sped up to get really close to the biker to either intimidate him or… something. Then he swerved into the next lane, passed the biker, and swerved back into his lane, only to stop shortly afterward for a red light.

And I noticed the biker picking up speed to catch up to the Saab. He pulled over to the car’s passenger side door and started banging his fist on the car and window, all the while swearing at the guy.

When that proved unsatisfactory, he got off his bike and started kicking violently at the car’s side view mirror, which quickly broke. The biker then took off.

At this point I was trying to decide what to do. Do I try and pull over and volunteer to be a witness or just let things between two road ragers sort themselves out? I took what was behind door number two. I don’t condone vandalism but I also find it wildly uncool to menace bikers that are in the street. Especially to a point that, had something gone wrong, the biker could have been seriously hurt.

Plus, the driver was an ass to me. Punk.