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I got an email from Tom today. He has this habit of calling me up every so often to hang out. We hang out, he tries to coax me into bed, I tell him to take a flying leap, he disappears. I just need to stop acknowledging him. He’s a cool guy in many other aspects.

Although I did have fun when he was in Jaqi Q and we would go on weekend mini-tours in the tour bus. I’d work the swag booth and Jaqi would throw my name into songs randomly. She’d always play Janis Joplin for me.

I think that bus actually was sold to Wookie Foot when Shannon was managing them. I remember I would go and visit my signature on the bus roof and wish I hadn’t written what I had written because it was sorta lame.

7:33 pm
Somebody hacked the RIAA site. Well done. Now if they could just take down Clear Channel, I’d be thrilled.