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I am so behind on trying to update quotes on this site it’s pathetic.

There’s a Food Network show profiling Al’s Breakfast (a local restaurant located by the U of M). Personally, the best breakfast place for my money will always be Rick’s Ol’ Time Cafe. But Al’s is pretty good. It’s a long, skinny joint that kicks customers through at a record pace. I still remember the last time I was there. The woman who was serving us gave me my eggs and quickly offered up a number of things I could put on them. I said no to every one of them.

She stopped in her tracks, stared at me for a second, and then said with a bit of a smile, “A purist. I approve of that.” And then was off and running.

I felt kind of cool.

Now Rick’s, on the other hand, was not as pop-culturally cool, but that place had my heart. The food was so cheap and so good. And you could always see Rick himself in the kitchen, working away. And his daughter was often working as a waitress. She was pretty cool. And always remembered me and my order. And always gave me crap for ordering a diet Coke before noon.

One day in my senior year of high school (I think—or pretend to think—it was senior skip day) my best friend and I decided to go there for breakfast instead of attending class. We walked in the door and heard, “Claire. Sara. Imagine seeing you here.” It was my uncle and a family friend.


Thankfully they both thought it was rather funny and invited us to join them, eventually buying us breakfast.

I miss Rick’s. I miss their huge cigarette dispenser machine (no longer legal these days). I miss all the knick knacks. And I miss their “In God we trust; all others pay cash.” sign above the register.

But I mostly miss their food. Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and American fries with melted cheddar on top. Best, cheapest breakfast ever.