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In the interest of complete honesty here at planetclaire, I will admit that brunch was mighty tasty and moms kindly picked up the tab. Last year we started doing Easter brunch at a local pasta bar and their version of brunch is nothing like what I grew up with. I’ve eaten enough heat lamp-fried eggs benedict for two lifetimes.

Unexpected surprise guest: a cousin of mine from New York. Big shot lawyer boy made it home for Easter. And I say that with nothing but love. He and his brother are awesome.

Even though they used to terrorize me.

Which both of them conveniently don’t remember.

Is it weird that Seacrest keeps joking about Simon being drunk? It’s gotta be some nod to Paula being on something or other. I just can’t figure out if it’s a scripted thing or if he’s being not-so-subtly cruel about her.

I should really be asking why it is I care about this. Because… yeah.

From Veronica Mars tonight:

Fitzpatrick: You might want to watch your back.
Weevil: Why? You’ll be watching it for me.

Which is somewhat clever, but this is so much funnier on so many levels:

From Oz:

Adebisi: Better watch that pretty little ass.
Ryan: No need. You’re too busy watching it for me.