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I was uploading a file and grabbed a pen next to me and started running it up and down my leg aimlessly. Which would have been a non-story if I had noticed the pen was clicked on.

Now I have blue pen lines running up and down my leg.

In other news: Hope everyone’s filed their taxes.

I haven’t. I ran out of time—which means I was lazy about getting my shit together—and filed an extension. Er, had someone else file an extension for me.

I should probably check on that.

Is it wrong that I would love nothing more than to bail on this weekend’s family event citing a complete and utter lack of religious fervor?

Especially since it’s a brunch. I hate brunch.

Brunch is only worth its high pricetag for people that like to eat seven or eight plates of food in one setting. Food that’s been sitting out for hours, picked over by countless others.

Okay, writing this is just making me grumpier about going. I might as well get to work and create the funds to pay for the brunch. At least that’s pretty easy to take care of.