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I have no idea why, but I decided to watch the SAG awards show. But it is sort of relevant since people keep popping up that roam around my little planet. So I suppose I oughta deviate from not paying attention to these sorts of things and watch.

Yay! Kiefer won for best actor in a television series. And I ain’t disagreeing. Gotta love 24.

Lost won for best ensemble in a drama, which meant I got to see Hill and Adebisi. And Meloni wandered onstage a bit later.

Boston Legal lost for best comedy (which makes sense since the show sucks) but I got to glimpse the ever lovely Mark Valley. Mrow.

And then I noticed that Reed Diamond and Tate Donovan (HLOTS and The OC, respectively) were both in Good Night and Good Luck. And I completely forgot that Linda Cardellini (Freaks and Geeks) was in Brokeback Mountain.

I always forget which awards shows let the audience drink. But I spy with my left eye alcohol. Which may account for all the fuck-ups.

I love fuck-ups.

But I do hate (okay, like) the montage of people who have died. Because I always go, “WHO DIED?!?! WHAT?!?” In that category this year would have to be Wendie Jo Sperber. I had no idea that Amy from Bosom Buddies was battling cancer.

Best quotes (it’s become habit apparently):

Sean Hayes: I’d like to thank Ang Lee for taking a chance on me.

S. Epatha Merkerson: And I have say a public thank you to my divorce lawyer.

William H. Macy: Unlike so many of us, Paul is working. So I’m going to take this home. Paul, if you want it give me a call.

Ryan Phillippe to Morgan Freeman: I’ve always wanted to meet you. You just met Reese, my wife.

The last one isn’t really a great quote, per se, but if I were on the same stage as Morgan Freeman I’d definitely want to introduce myself.