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Oh dear Lord. I can’t stop laughing. Every once in awhile Ramona will wake up from a long nap and look all drowsy and drugged out and trying to adjust to the light. And every time, I think, God she looks like someone or something.

Tonight she did the same thing and I figured it out: she looks like Thor from Stargate. Even down to a slow and constant blinking of her entirely black eyes while kind of moving her head back and forth languidly.

It’s fucking uncanny.

I heard a disturbing sound today. A crunching sound my car made when I turned a corner. Which sounded… expensive.

In other news: I was watching Project Runway and as usual had paused it somewhere during the episode. So I was about 5 minutes behind. Around 10 PM my mom called and started the conversation with “I can’t believe Santino’s still in it!”

Way to give away the ending of the episode, Mom. I mean, I kind of knew that was coming, but geez…