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I swear to god something has got to go right for people in my life soon. ‘Cause right now shit ain’t goin’ so hot for anybody.

In other news, a lunch meeting on Sunday turned into me wandering around Gardner Hardware for a couple hours. Which is actually more interesting than it sounds. I’d never been in the basement before. They’ve got this collection of old school registers and scales, which are very cool.

But the coolest part by far is the freight elevator. I’m a simple person, remember? And it’s larger than my livingroom. By a lot, actually.

Plus I picked up one of those generic telephone signs. You know the blue ones with Braille at the bottom? I don’t know why. But it was in the clearance aisle. I figured they wouldn’t mind.

On the way home I realized I should have gone for something actually useful, like paper towels or light bulbs or something.

But then again I would have felt compelled to pay.