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Quiet day. I treated my cousin to lunch. I didn’t mean to, frankly. I missed a call on my cell phone and checked the last incoming number, which was him. Turns out he hadn’t called me, but he did ask if I wanted to go out for lunch.

So I met him at his work (the family hardware company) and we headed across the river to the Times Bar and Grill. A lovely restaurant that was relocated from downtown Minneapolis when the new Target corporate headquarters went in. They kept the original bar.

Anyway, when the time came to pay, I reminded him that he paid last time. So he let me me pay, and said he supposed it was appropriate since it was his birthday today.


In other news, I got a postcard yesterday from my favorite Swedish Oz fan. She’s on vacation and thought she’d send a quick note. Which reminded me of a book I found buried in my bookcases a few days ago: The World’s Tackiest Postcards. If I have your address, consider this fair warning.

One of the postcards is of the Weiner Mobile. My mom grew up a few blocks away from the Oscar Meyer plant in Madison and she would see the hotdog shaped vehicle all the time.

In other other news, I passed a vehicle today with a bumper sticker that said “Visualize Whirled Peas.” Get it? Visualize World Peace?! Whirled Peas?

That’s so hilarious! What a clever play on words! In 1987! And only in 1987!

Seriously. If you’re thinking of adding a bumpersticker to your car: don’t.