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I was going through panic mode yesterday.

Or thought I was. Until last night around 10 when I really went into panic mode. I started getting emails from a client whose site had gone down due to exceeded bandwidth.

I spent the majority of today trying to get it fixed. Long day.

In other news: I got an email from a college professor friend of mine who mentioned that he had used my site “as a way to demonstrate online persona and community development”.

So I’m an online persona. Sweet. Although it weirds me out a bit that my site is being used as a teaching tool. I’ll have to spell-check now.

In a way it is a bit of an online community. I’ve been lucky enough to correspond with people across the globe. Very, very kick ass people, frankly.

I actually even contemplated setting up a forum dealie once I became a home body all day, thinking that it’d be cool to chat with viewers, but I don’t think there’s enough of a community for it to be all that useful.

In other news: There’s apparently a rash of armed robberies for the past few weeks 2 blocks away from me. Sweet. I’m staying in tonight.