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I currently have the hiccups. They piss me off more than I care to admit. Ever since I was a kid I’ve gotten sudden, tragic bouts of hiccups.

The roller derby that is my upstairs neighbor is at it again. It’s 1:30 AM. Who stays that noisy 24/7? They must have to actively work at it.

In other news:


Hitchhiker’s is out next Thursday. I’m still excited about that. But it’s been driving me nuts because they’ve used like five different fonts for the various titles of the movie. And they didn’t use the green guy. I love the green guy. Hang on.

There he is. Many years ago when I had an AOL account I was lucky enough to collect a bunch of icons of various sorts. And I got maybe 8 from Hitchhiker’s. Including a towel. Here’s the Stuffit file of Hitchhiker’s icons. It’s Mac-friendly only. Sorry, Windows users.

More to write as events warrant.