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So I’m watching Airline. It’s a documentary that focuses on… an airline. Southwest, mainly. And they’re profiling a radio station morning show that was nominated for an award.

One of the on-air personalities described his outfit he was planning on wearing as a “Jay Farrar shirt that I paid $1.75 for”. And I thought, “Jay Farrar! No way! Son Volt rules!”

Until I remembered that Jay Farrar was a brand name found at JC Penney’s.

Which made me not so sad when they lost.

A few other thoughts:

• I’m currently winning The Secret War of the Claires. It never lasts, but I like the latest status. Part of the reason I’m winning The Secret War of the Claires is because of the upcoming release of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie. Which I’m pretty excited about.

The release of the movie, that is. Hitchhiker’s remains my all-time favorite book. And Douglas Adams remains my all-time favorite author.

• Heathrow’s last day is Friday. My ex-coworker is becoming my ex-ex-coworker. Which means no more lunches with her. I’ll miss that. So in honor of her departure, and in honor of the fact that I have nothing to do today, I’m making her a CD. Except I have no idea what to put on it. I’ll get back to you.