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I’ve developed a new game.

Being home all day and having the TV on (all day), you quickly discover that there’s not a lot on. I’ve developed a pretty safe routine. It gets spotty around mid-afternoon, mind you, but I’m still working on it.

So I’ve started watching the forensics/true crime/cold case shows. I’ve always loved mysteries, and combine that with police work and there you go.

And watching these, I’ve noticed that in all the interviews they do before unveiling the killer, they often interview the killer (obviously without revealing that fact). So my new game is to look for clues as to who’s actually in jail in an attempt to figure out the killer beforehand.

Oh, they try and disguise the prisoners. They’ll stick ’em in the Warden’s office, with lavish wooden shelves of books behind them. Or flowers in the background.

Or in the prison library. Or in front of a blue screen.

But you can often tell. They’re wearing a sweatshirt or an orange or grey top. Or they’re cropped a little too closely. Or the women have no makeup on.

It’s kind of fun. Try it sometime.