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As regulars (may) know, I tend to obsessively check my access logs. Mainly, actually, for 404 errors and hotlinkers. And this morning someone apparently viewed all my rants. Which freaked me out because they’re generally full of misspellings and missed words and missed links. So I had no choice but to edit them. Well, some of them.

My mom is threatening to visit tomorrow, which means cleaning. I hate cleaning. I may have a small apartment, but it’s still annoying.

Moving on. There’s some show on the 100 greatest TV characters. I started watching in the upper 70s or so. And one of the 100 was a character from St. Elsewhere. And as the actor was talking about his role, I was yelling, “Tom Fontana! Cut to Tom Fontana!” And they actually did. Woo hoo!

Which started me thinking about Fontana’s other shows (like Oz, Homicide, The Jury). I was thinking it was such a shame that the likelihood of any of those characters being recognized was slim. So I wandered off to do dishes. Maybe 12-24 characters later, I heard a snippet that made me wander (quickly) back into the livingroom.

Frank Pembleton was on the screen as one of the 100. YAY! Andre Braugher did such an amazing job portraying Pembleton.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Ryan, Vern, Chris, or Toby are going to show up.

And we’re moving on again: See how this works? I have nothing else (that I want) to do, so I type. Fun for everybody!

Anyway, about a month ago, I finally got my butt in gear and submitted a DBA form for PCC to the state. I’m so clueless about this stuff. I had no idea if I even did it right. I called the Secretary of State maybe 5 times to clarify little details.

About two or three weeks ago, I started getting mail addressed to PCC. So I figured, Okay, name approved. But I had nothing from the state to say so. And apparently you have to run two ads in a magazine in order to seal the deal. But I had to send in a copy of my application. Uh… copy?

Which arrived today. It’s stamped and signed and everything.

Except it has my old address on the receipt. The envelope had the right address, my application had the right address, but the receipt is wrong. It must be because I *ahem* haven’t exactly gotten a new driver’s license. Yeah, I should do that. Along with *ahem* my taxes.