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There was an ad for CAIR on just now. And I can’t for the life of remember what the acronym stands for.

But it was an ad with a bunch of Muslim-Americans just basically saying what their background was. The gist of the ad was to tell people that Muslim-Americans are people too.

I find that so sad. Because it illustrates a phenomenon that I’ve been seeing way too much: a hatred of all Muslims, most generally for the September 11 tragedies.

And I just don’t think that’s right. I think it’s closed-minded and just plain uninformed.

The Koran teaches love and respect, just as the Bible does.

People don’t condemn all of Christianity when a Christian murders an abortion doctor in the name of God.

Eh. I think too much. I guess I just wish people—in general—would be more understanding and open-minded. Just a thought.

So it’s 5 AM and someone’s doing laundry. The laundry room is below me. And I guess I’m surprised. I mean I realize my bedroom isn’t above the washer and dryer, but there are people next to it.

Oh well. I think too much.

Still haven’t figured out how to get my webcam online. I tried a few applications and couldn’t figure them out.