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Well, my stats are still down. I realize I shouldn’t dwell, but I am. I realize I should be satisfied—thrilled even—that over 600 people a day visit a site with such random content. So I’m moving on. I’m done trying to inflate numbers. So there.

So apparently there were some meteor-thingies tonight around 8 PM. Living in the city, I figured there was no way I’d be able to see them. And it’s damn cold out. So I skipped it. I’m sure they were cool and all.

Back to the site: I spend the majority of blocks of time quoting my various shows. Fair enough.

But in terms of the number of times a day I update the site, it’s the damn guestbook. As many as 10 times a day I’ll have to check it and delete spamming punters.

They post their websites and ads for drugs or jewelry or other crap. Most of them have ads, but some more inventive spammers post jokes or famous quotes. If they’re actually funny, I used to keep them, but now I figure screw ’em all.

I’ve been thinking of changing the path to “spammerskissmyass.html” so I don’t have such a common path but I’d have to deal with PHP crap and updating all the links and I’m lazy.

But I hate slop in my guestbook—the thought of a page getting spidered pisses me off—so I continuously delete it. Punters. Plus I delete real signers’ email addresses, because the same punters harvest them.

FYI: never sign a guestbook with your email address. If you can, send the site an email instead.

The other shady technique the punters employ is spidering a site with their website showing up in the logs, with the understanding that sites’ logs get spidered as well and it’ll improve their PR. Nicely, my logs are outside my HTTPDOCS, so they get nothing from me! Punters.

Regarding spam: does it even work? Do people actually think, “Wow! Cheap ‘insert product name here’! I’m in luck!” or “Geez, this person who I don’t recall is saying they’ve missed me and I should check out their new web cam!”

Or what about the people who see an EXE file or ZIP file attached to an email from a stranger and think it would be a good idea to open it, only to find a virus take down your system.

I don’t know. I’ve known people that have done that and they are normally perfectly reasonable, intelligent people.

On a completely separate note, there’s an ad with Los Lonely Boys doing “I walk the line.”

I want that version.