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I fear I have not gotten enough rambling out of my system for the night. So I’m gonna keep going:

In moving, my mom has had to switch from a dish to regular cable.

Okay: Growing up, I begged for cable. I extolled the merits of cable. She always refused, saying that I watched too much TV anyway.

When she started moving seniors (home business) she hooked up with a company in Colorado that installed Dish Network in a senior housing complex. She installed the boxes and as a benefit got free service and a dish.

I think she became a bit addicted. She loved Bravo, The Daily Show, The History Channel, Biography… I think she watched cable channels a fair piece more than she watched regular networks.

Now that she’s moving, my mother—who refused to get cable because it was useless and mind-numbing—has gotten cable for her new apartment, non-free.

Somehow I feel vindicated.

Anyway, with regular cable all the channels are different. So she just called me to figure out which networks were on which channels. She doesn’t have a box, so she doesn’t have a remote with a program guide to tell what is what.

I guess I think it’s sorta cool that my mom now likes cable enough to pay for it.