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“It’s getting dark a little too early…”

I’ve had that Eels lyric stuck in my head for the past couple of days.

Fall is definitely upon us, my friends. Mill City is headed into winter. I had to break out the fleece this morning.

Dang it, I had a rant and I forgot it again. Why do I even bother?

Oh, wait. I got it again. But I will pause to mention that I’m really liking Paul Westerberg’s Folker. The latest single, “I’m in Love With a Girl” is great.

Also, Nova is on and it’s about Typhoid Mary. And Tony Bourdain is on it. He’s a shmoo. I miss his show on Food Network. It was part of my Happiness Fridays. He seems to be rather knowledgeable on the subject of Mary. If he’s into history, he’s my new best friend.

Okay, on to my rant:

So I have experienced different levels of horror in my life. Family reunions. Dentist visits. Apartment hunting. College finals.


But today I have the ultimate in hell. Hands down. Wait for it:

The Barenaked Ladies’ Christmas Show


The worst band in all of North America singing Christmas carols on stage. Please dear God do not subject the world to this. On my way home I heard another commercial for it, but this time they actually played some of the songs. HORRIBLE. Worst. Band. Ever.

For those that don’t know (i.e. everyone) I can not stand that band. It doesn’t help their cause that they’re Canadian, but they are banned from my home because their lyrics are the most insipid ever.

The part that drives me nuts is that they seem to think they’re so entirely clever. They’re not. And I am the arbiter of all things clever. So what I say goes.

Seriously though, it annoys me to no end that a band with lyrics like “Watching X-Files without the lights on, in the maison, I hope the smoking man’s in this one” can be incredibly successful, but the Old 97s languish in relative obscurity.

Okay, I’ve had my say on Barenaked Ladies. Now I gotta go do actual work.