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Ever feel a little bit let down after your birthday? Like you’re not the center of attention anymore?

I feel like that today.

So to make up for it, I bought some stuff. I’m not a mail order/catalog buyer person normally, but I haven’t really bought anything for my new apartment. So I get stuff. Stuff rules.

I don’t really have anything to say today. The Hip Hop Honors show is on VH1 tonight. Kinda excited about that.

I’ve been noticing that my rants are getting increasingly inane. I had had the attitude that, since I had a fair bit of content on the rest of the site, I could babble on here. But perhaps I need to get back on some sort of relevant postings.

But not, I think, today.

I realize I’ve written about Surreal Life before, but they’re rerunning the first season tonight. And I have always been so struck by the relationship between Gabby and Vince Neil. They just seem to really care for each other. And they were my two favorites on the show. I just think it’s sweet.

I have no idea if they continued the friendship after the show, but I hope so.

And yes, I know editors can play up or down personalities. But it seems genuine.

Hip Hop Honors comments:

KRS-ONE and Chuck D are just wonderful. It’s a joy seeing them again.

Along with Run DMC. And MC Lyte. I used to have a tape of hers back in the day. I love her voice. And wow is she beautiful.

VH1 had a history of rap documentary this week, and in the segment about NWA, they had a talking bit, and then the NWA crew bum-rushed the camera.

It’s not credited, but the woman speaking is a singer named Michel’le. With a very distinctive voice. And her song Nicety is classic. She’s on DOC’s album.