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Chip and Kim, winners of the Amazing Race, were on The Late Late Show last night. I taped it because The Thrills were on, and I was fast-forwarding to their performance when I noticed the couple. So I watched.

I LOVE Chip and Kim. Don’t get me wrong, I realize that reality TV is heavily edited to let the producers tell the story they want to, but I once saw a producer say that they can edit all they want, but people’s personalities can’t be faked. In other words, if someone looks like a pain in the ass, they really are a pain in the ass.

And Chip and Kim come off as rather cool.

Okay, I’m gonna sidetrack a bit and mention that Bobby Cannavale is also on. He’s cute, but not quite my type. But dang if he wasn’t dead sexy as Torquemada in Oz. That eye? Meow.