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Alright, as you may or may not know, today is Music and/or Storybook Thursday and/or Friday. I’m also feeling chatty, so you might want to jump down a bit if you’re looking for the music. I have some Wilco, Son Volt, and Uncle Tupelo.

First to get my random ramble out of the way. It’s Friday. I will not tell you that I’m stressed. I have started posting my mood so often I’m afraid this’ll turn into a Live Journal blog.

Seriously, can someone tell me how it works? Do groups of friends get together online and chat? Do people randomly find those pages and decide to befriend the writer and post back replies? Or do they have common interest groups where these people meet? I don’t know. All I know is if anyone ever calls my rant a blog, I reserve the right to hurt them.

Dateline has an episode on internet pedophiles. They set up 20 guys thinking they were meeting a young girl, but instead they were interviewed for the show. Personally, I like baiting.org’s methods: go into chat rooms pretending to be young girls and then turn the tables on the pedos and often (through words) rape, kill, or just make up some random weird narrative. Their goal is to a) make sure the pedos are kept occupied, and b) crack readers up. Which they certainly do. They’re also entirely too sarcastic. Which is a bonus.

Next random: CSI has an episode on a serial killer. No offense, but could CSI not consistently hit me over the head with the killer’s identity within the first ten minutes? Security Guard. Ten bucks. And watching this is doing nothing but making me paranoid.

Last random rant before I get to the music: I saw suspected Death Cab for Claire owner again today. Again I had to resist the urge to ask him what posessed him to purchase that decal.

Okay, music:

So I was going to post local music only, but couldn’t find much. I’ll have to go thru my physical CDs to see if I have more. But, for the time being I will post a random mix. I got a guestbook signer that liked the Son Volt/Wilco/UT stuff, so I grabbed some of those. Herewith:

Wilco : Passenger Side (Punk)

Wilco : Passenger Side (Polka)

This was from The Fillmore in 1997. I’ve always liked the combo. Wilco had just finished a smoking fast version of the song, and some joker yelled, "Play it faster!" so Wilco launched into the slowest version they could muster.

Jeff cracks me up.

Son Volt : Way Down Watson (alternate version or demo)

This song is just a wonderful version of Way Down Watson. Jay Farrar is one of the most under-appreciated musicians I know.


Old 97s : If My Heart Was a Car

They have a new album out and I like the first single.

Story: Murray Hammond is married to the voice of Emily Elizabeth on Clifford: The Big Red Dog. She’s a musician herself, but also does voiceover work. Murray and Grey’s wedding was on TLC’s A Wedding Story awhile back. I tried to catch it, but to no avail. That would have been cool to see.

Rhett Miller : Ironchild

Rhett did a solo album that’s quite good. This song wasn’t on the album, but I think it’s a sweet song. I will remain incredibly jealous of the wife of Rhett Miller. He’s a hottie and he writes great lyrics.

Daniel Johnston : I saw her standing there

This one’s a bit out of left field, but it’s a great song. It’s unconventional, but so is Daniel Johnston. In my freshman year of college, I was dating a guy who gave me two tapes (yes, tapes) by Daniel. He got them from a member of Husker Du, believe it or not.

So this song was done by Daniel on a Texas Instruments keyboard, I believe. It’s incredibly crude, yes, but I really like it.

I wish I still had those tapes. I accidentally recorded over them. I’m an idiot.