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So both Las Vegas and North Shore are back today. North Shore was just confusing, but okay overall. Very intrigue-heavy.

And Las Vegas… I forgot how much I like that show. Tonight they had Brian Callen and two Deluise Brothers plus a rather touching plotline dealing with post-traumatic stress. The last ten minutes…

I cried. I admit it.

I predicted the ending, but it was so well-scripted and acted, I cried. I’m serious, people, if you like good writing, acting, and decent plotlines, watch it.

Watching all these soap opera-y shows I’ve been worried lately, as I’m not a soap opera fan. I hated 90210 passionately, got violently ill when forced to watch Dawson’s Creek, and Felicity… what the hell was with her hair?

But then, pissed at The OC for replacing Keen Eddie (which is coming out on DVD—yay!) I watched it mainly out of spite (don’t ask) and thought, “Okay, the writing’s really good. The main boys are hot. I’m allowed one guilty pleasure.”

Then I randomly saw an episode of Las Vegas and thought, “Great show. I’m allowed to watch this because that redhead chick is so classic.”

Then, Heathrow kept talking about North Shore and I succumbed. It’s the most soap opera-y show I’ve ever watched on purpose. So my only excuse I have left is that it has Shooter McGavin and Hailey (The OC) as actors. And Hailey’s character is so twisty. She’s a great actress.

UPDATE: Aw crap. LAX is quirky and I like it. I am such a sucker for TV. I can’t figure out why the mayor is familiar. And the 2 baggage handlers? Classic.

Adding: It’s months later and I realized that the mayor is from 24. I love 24.