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I wasn’t going to post yesterday’s rant, but someone ELSE signed my guestbook with a correction. To the same Wright page as the first person. In as many days. Inconceivable!


• The Death Cab for Claire truck is missing. That thing has it in for me. And if it turns up any closer to my apartment, I’m arming myself.

• Dear Minneapolis DOT,
Stop changing the goddamn lane stripes at 26th and Lyndale. I realize the intersection sucks, but you’re confusing the hell out of me. I keep getting into near-misses with similarily-confused motorists.

• In a completely weird note: I finally looked up info about JonBenet Ramsey tonight. I didn’t know much about the case and figured (as a history/pop-culture dork) I should actually learn more about it. After reading some articles, I remain confused. Although I don’t believe the Ramseys murdered their daughter, the case seems odd. Why would someone murder a young girl and then write a ransom note? Killers have never (in my understanding) killed their victim and then written a lengthy note demanding ransom money.

If you killed a little girl and were—apparently—able to get away with it, why write the note and then risk going upstairs to leave it?

Okay, maybe it was written before her death, and the killer thought he would take her instead of kill her. I’ll accept that. But it seems odd all the same. If this is the case, why leave the note? Why not throw it away after you killed her?

My theory is completely stupid, but I think the Ramseys have a clue as to who killed their daughter. And are unwilling to reveal them.

I don’t know. I’m a moron.

• Rereading yesterday’s rant, I realize I am one grumpy bitch. Sorry, everyone. I should be more respectful of visitors to my site. I suck.