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I’m grumpy. Due to a lot of reasons, mind you. But I’m grumpy. And it doesn’t help that someone went to my guestbook and pointed out mistakes in my Frank Lloyd Wright site. Not “You have a wonderful site, but…”, not “Thanks for spending your hard-earned time and money for this free and informative site, but…”

Nope. Just, “You suck, here’s why…”

Isn’t that bad etiquette? Aren’t you supposed to send a discreet email? Doesn’t it say—ON THE PAGE—to EMAIL me if you see any errors? I missed the spot where it states you should inform the whole fucking world that I suck.

I’m tempted to just pull the Wright site out of spite (I know that rhymed. Sorry.). I have NEVER received a positive word about that section. Only people asking me about homes that I have no idea about but dutifully go online and research and then send along what I find. Because apparently they’re incapable of doing that themselves. And people correcting my site’s errors.

I get a ton (well, a small ton) of people telling me they love my quotes, or my Tim Easton lyrics, or my recipes, or even my rant, believe it our not. But the Wright section? Nada.

Yep, pretty grumpy.

So, to end this, I will state for the record that, if you want to point out that I suck, email me. If you sign my guestbook telling me I suck it will be immediately deleted.

Unless it’s funny.