It’s Greek to Me


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I’m gonna hunt up some Greek stuff in honor of the Athens Olympics in the recipes section and quotes section.

Also, you can check out the Greek Annunciation Church in Wisconsin designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

I thought the reception to the USA players was nice. Big cheers. Nice to know there’s a distinction between disliking our foreign policy and disliking our citizens. Wish everyone felt that way. And that goes for any citizen in any country including the US. No one should hate an entire people for the actions of their government.

Is it just me, or is the opening ceremony just a little… melodramatic? They seem to be every year. And the intensity the performers—

Woah, the fire thing is AWESOME. Okay, they win. I won’t mock Greece. Shooting fire into water to ignite the Olympic logo? Inventive.

Other thoughts:

  • I dare you to prove that interpretive dance isn’t damn creepy.
  • I so wouldn’t want to be “Cube Man”. Pressure.
  • If my pregnant belly started to glow, I’d be calling a doctor.