The Jury Tally… II? III?


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The Jury round-up:

There’s a “detritus” mention. I think TF likes that word.
The guy from Office Space
Mary Pembleton again

I go back and forth about The Jury. I like it overall, though sometimes it’s just so heavy-handed. But I think I’ll miss it.

It’s not The Jury-related, but Meloni was on Conan last night. Conan’s monologue had me rolling. It’s almost as funny as his interviews with Rebecca Romijn-Stamos from years ago. Right now, Halle Berry is on and he’s jumping around like a cat. I love Conan.

I do hate the whole “unrehearsed anecdote” style of interviews. Meloni’s stories are too canned. Funny enough stories, but you get the feeling he’s told these stories ad infinitum. Eh, he’s still very charismatic.