Client does not want Viagra.


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One post this snowy Friday since I don’t do anything online on the weekends. A story for y’all:

It’s Friday afternoon and Heathrow and I are mentally willing 6:00 to come. Now we have this tradition: every time we get some random spam offering Viagra or cheap prescriptions or the like, we politely inquire if the other is in need of said product before pitching the email. You know, just in case. Hey we’re polite like that. Anyway, it’s become a bit of a habit, but it’s most likely funny only to us.

So today I get a phone call from a client and we’re talking. Said client has to leave the room to get a fax or something. And it sounds like he put me on hold. So I check email and, sure enough, spam. I immediately ask Heathrow: “Do you need any Viagra?” Heathrow replies that she does not. Short silence.

Then I hear, “Did you just ask me if I needed Viagra?”

The client.

I turn twenty shades of red and start babbling and trying to offer up an adequate explanation of why I was offering viagra. Meanwhile, Heathrow’s next to me just laughing her ass off listening to me try to extricate myself from the comment.

Good times, people. Good times.